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Tube Tumbler Rotator

Modularised Tube Tumbler

The Tube Tumbler Rotator offers a modular approach to tube rotation from gentle to end over end.

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Robust Tube Mixing Solution

The Select BioProducts Tube Tumbler Rotator ™ is useful for a variety of applications, from gentle rotating to end over end tumbling and everything in between, the Tube Tumbler is a product that every laboratory needs. The unique design of the Tube Tumbler allows it to be used in either a horizontal or vertical plane with a simple twist of the rotisserie plate.

Modular Tube Mixing

A key feature of the Tube Tumbler Rotator is the modular rotisseries, allowing for different tube sizes.

Compatible Tubes Sizes:

  • 36 x 1.5/2mL tubes
  • 16 x 5/7mL,
  • 36 x 15mL
  • 6 x 50mL tubes

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