Providing innovative solutions for your lab

We specialise in providing high quality solutions that improve your workflow, performance and consistency in your throughput applications.

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Innovative solutions for your lab needs

We specialise in providing high quality solutions that improve workflow, performance and consistancy in your throughput

Solutions for your Lab

Liquid Handling

Offering increased accuracy, precision and reproducibility.

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Biospecimen Storage

The most complete range of cryopreservation storage solutions available. These solutions enables laboratories to provide a guaranteed chain of custody from sampling, to storage and analysis. FluidX range available.

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PCR Equipment

We are proud to partner with 4titude® Ltd who specialises in high quality consumables and bench top instrumentation for the life sciences industry.

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Automated Instruments & Robotic Integration Platforms

Offering reliable and precise standalone and integrated solutions to automate various workflows including sample storage, liquid handling, colony picking, tube labelling & sorting, as well as automation of entire assay, pcr, NGS, NA cleanup & protein purification workflows.
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