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Lynx : Liquid Handling Platform

Lynx automated liquid handling platform features the unique, Volume Verified Pipetting (VVP) technology that has independent volume control and pressure sensors on all channels of the 96 Channel Head. Given the novel workflow benefits derived from the VVP technology it has been awarded the SLAS NPA award.High-performance automation designed to meet the workflow challenges of today’s life science lab. Value-driven features allow configuration of the ideal system for your application. Proudly designed and built in the U.S.A.

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Lynx’ VVP technology delivers unique capabilities to numerous applications:

·        Fast and precise normalisation, completing a 96 plate in 30s-1min

·        Direct Volumetric Measurement of Each & Every Transfer being ideal for critical transfer steps

·        VVP’s liquid level detection technology detects and avoids aspiration of sub-target volumes and also avoids use of conductive tips

·        Non-Contact Dispensing at low volumes is possible using VVP’s pressure based liquid delivery, achieving up to 12 fold faster sample aliquoting and re-arraying/reformatting workflows as well as substantial tip savings.

·        Provides Positive Pressure based extraction solutions that deliver more robust, truly walkaway automated workflows compared to vacuum based approaches

·        Advanced, Reliable Clot/Clog Detection & Correction. VVP’s sensitive flow rate monitoring allows optimal detection and recovery from blockages such as clots or clogs. Upon detection, affected channel(s) are disabled and remaining tips finish aspirating. Upon completion clogged tip(s) are cleared and an ‘intra-well re-aspiration’ is performed.

·        Large volume pipetting (up to 5mL) is ideal for faster processing of 24 plate and 48 plate, cell based workflows.

·        Large volume range – 0.5-5mL

Please see the following:

·      The video below shows the 96 channel independent volume control of the VVP head, pipetting with their standard head (ST) and the Lynx platform design ranging in 12-66 SBS plate deck size, with all chassis sizes supported with high-speed high precision linear motors.

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