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Lab Services PlateButler® Pier & BarQ

PlateButler® Pier & PlateButler® BarQ

Developments in laboratories evolve rapidly which is creating a demand for flexible and modular robotic automation systems. Applications can change on a weekly basis resulting in the need to be able to change equipment into the robotic automation systems easily. Also using capital instruments into these systems is seen more and more. Ideally these expensive instruments can be shared between different robotic automation systems and departments.

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Key Features

  • Easy to use innovative connecting system
  • Communication, power and air connections
  • More workspace, no mounting on the floor for minimum footprint
  • Quick in-process change of devices without re-teaching
  • Flexible creating of system layout for different applications
  • Move instrument locations for optimal throughput
  • Share instruments among systems and departments
  • Robust systems for heavy payloads
  • Robotic automation compatible
  • Automatic detection by PlateButler® Manager Software

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