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IntelliXseal™ SA Semi-Automatic Sheet Heat Sealer

Semi-automated sheet heat sealer compatible with a wide range of seals and microplates, PCR and assay plates, as well as storage plates of differing designs and heights

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With variable temperature and time settings, sealing conditions are easily optimized to produce a 100% seal, eliminating sample loss. Plate and seal are placed on the holder, the "Operate" button pressed and the drawer automatically closes. The sealing process is controlled by an electric mechanism; this unique feature eliminates operator variation, giving a consistent seal every time and reducing the damage caused to microplates by over-sealing.

Key Features

Real Time Display

Rapid heating element to allow for a quick start up within minutes

Real time temperature display to allow monitoring of heating process

Energy Saving Functions

When idle, unit automatically switches to standby mode: heating element temperature reduces to 60°C to save energy

When idle for longer periods, it automatically switches off for added safety

Triggering of standby and switch off modes can be adjusted to suit user’s needs

Plate Formats

SBS standard polypropylene and polystyrene plates and deep well blocks

PCR plates including skirted, semi-skirted and non-skirted formats

More Key Features

Support Plans

Protect the dependability of your reliable, quality instruments from Azenta Life Sciences, to ensure productivity and mitigate downtime with a Service Support Plan that suits you.

  • Corrective services
  • Remote diagnostic & repair
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Additional services for purchase

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