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XL20 – Tube Sorting System

Modular and flexible instrumentation to automate critical labelling, sample tracking, and volume detection workflows.

Automates tube re-arraying, sample weighing, volume tracking, & labelling for 96 tube rack samples.

Sort up to 700 tubes per hour. The XL20 Tube Sorting System automates the transfer of tubes from up to twenty 96-tube racks, simplifying compound library management, sample preparation, assay sorting, and other processing procedures.

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Key Features

Versatile capabilities enable streamlined workflows

The XL20 brings together scanning, decoding, volume detection, rearray and labelling functionality, giving researchers the flexibility to use it for individual tasks, or accomplish multiple tasks as part of a single workflow.

High-throughput tube sorting increases productivity

The XL20 offers reliable, high speed capabilities for re-array, reformatting, and cherry picking and is able to sort up to 700 tubes per hour, providing unattended tube processing for work list based tube transfer from source racks to target racks.

Simplify label printing and application with integrated labelling module

Our LabelPro labelling module easily attaches to the XL20 and prints and applies high-resolution 1D & 2D barcodes as well as human readable text and symbols - reducing the burden of manual labelling tasks and eliminating bottlenecks.

More Key Features

XL20 Tube Handler

XL20 is a simple-to-use automated pick and place tube handler for 96 tube rack samples. The XL20 automates sample tube sorting, 2D sample tracking, and sample weighing tasks. The XL20’s workflow oriented software controls the automatic transfer of sample tubes to 2D barcode reader, tube balance, and volume measurement options.

The XL20 software logs all collected data (sample 2D code, sample weight, etc.) to output files. A proven sample management tool, the XL20 works well as primary automation platform for labs with growing sample libraries, and as complementary automation for larger core facilities.

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