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XL100 & XL200 – Vial Handling Instrument

Flexible and modular benchtop tube handling for diverse sample management workflows.

The XL100 Vial Handler is a bench top vial sorter that works with a wide range of test tubes and vials. XL100 options include an automated sample balance and tube decapping stations. The XL100 modular design allows for an upgrade path to automate liquid handling tasks.

Automates re-array, sample vial weighing, capping, decapping, vial labelling, and data collection for common laboratory vial sizes.

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Key Features

Multiple capabilities within a single instrument to streamline workflows

The XL100 brings together scanning, decoding, re-array, labelling, weighing, capping/decapping, and liquid transfer capabilities within a single user-friendly instrument. Its modular design offers researchers and operators the flexibility to use it for individual tasks, or to accomplish multiple tasks as part of a single workflow.

Re-array, reformatting, and cherry-picking designed for compatibility

The instrument’s pick fingers adjust to a wide variety of tubes and vials, and the XL100 is compatible with ANSI/SLAS format tube racks, including honeycomb format racks and PCR plates.

Simplify label printing and application with integrated labeling module

Our LabelPro module applies high-resolution labels printed with 1D & 2D barcodes, symbols and human readable text to tubes and vials - reducing the burden of manual labeling tasks and eliminating bottlenecks.

More Key Features

XL100 Vial Handling System

XL100 (or XL200) Series Vial Handling Instruments are robotic pick and place vial handling systems used by drug discovery and biotech laboratories.  Typical applications include sample receipt processing, vial weighing for compound dissolution, tube weighing for biotech agricultural groups, print and apply vial labelling for all types and sizes, walk-away vial capping and decapping systems, and liquid handling for the widest array of vial based sample processing with built in sample transfer verification.

The XL Series can be manufactured with the various modules to meet your group’s automation needs.  These include a linear barcode reader to decode barcoded labels wrapped around a vial, a 2D barcode reader for data matrix barcodes on the bottom of vials, an automated balance for weighing applications, a decapper/recapper for screw cap vials, an automated capper for walk-away capping of screw cap vials, an electronic pipette for liquid handling operations, rack transfer station, and the new XL LabelPro for print and apply vial labelling.

Vial processing modes include work list, data collection, and tare/gross weighing.  For example, the XL software processes vials and collects 1D barcode and weight information.  The collected information is then provided in the form of a user defined output file (.csv or .txt).

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