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Automating Your Personal Pipette

Uniting your VIAFLO Pipettes with a compact yet powerful workstation, the VIAFLO ASSIST combines the best features of the multichannel pipette with automated functionality.

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Key Features

Superior Reproducible

The VIAFLO ASSIST ensures that tip angle and height for aspiration and dispensing is exactly the same across the plate. This ensures reproducible results each and every time.

Designed for Prevention of RSI

No matter how light and well balanced a pipette is, prolonged pipetting tasks remain physically and mentally challenging. While some steps always need to be performed manually, many other steps can be automated. To prevent RSI caused by extensive repetitive motions, manual pipetting should be minimised. VIAFLO ASSIST lets you switch between the manual and automated pipetting tasks on the fly, relieving you of much of the pipetting burden.

Versatile | Smart Pipette Adapter

The pipette adapter of VIAFLO ASSIST allows the use of all VIAFLO multichannel pipettes. The width of the adapter can be adjusted for 8-, 12-, and 16-channel pipettes. The pipettes cover a volume range of 0.5 – 1250 µl.

More Key Features

Essential Assistant for working with Multi-well plates

Multichannel pipettes are essential tools for working with multiple plates. Yet prolonged pipetting sessions can cause repetitive strain injuries (RSI). The VIAFLO ASSIST responds, by bringing together the features of the VIAFLO Multichannel range with automated functionality to reduce the impacts of RSI. Offering a compact and modular solution, the ASSIST encompasses the versatility of the VIAFLO with the benefits of automated pipetting.

Bluetooth Connectivity

With an attachable Bluetooth Module, your VIAFLO pipette communicates wirelessly with your ASSIST workstation. No cables and wires, reducing clutter and assisting in a more organised working environment.

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