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The VACUSAFE combines vacuum (integrated pump or external source), collection bottle, overflow protection and filter in an all-in-one liquid aspiration system. The use of such a closed aspiration system offers the most effective method for containment of hazardous liquids and eliminates the risk of contaminating operators and equipment.

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Key Features

Protect Against Hazardous Aerosols

Collection bottle outlet equipped with hydrophobic filters.

Fast Setup and Installation

Quick couplings to connect tubing for safe and convenient bottle installation

Designed for Your Laboratory

Space saving design for minimal work space consumption and quite operation for pleasant working

More Key Features

Liquid Waste Gone in a Sip

Vacuum systems are widely used for aspiration of liquids and their subsequent disposal. Common applications include the removal of media from cell cultures, of supernatants after centrifugation and of wash solutions from immunoassay well-plates.

Protecting the vacuum source from contamination by liquids and aerosols with an overflow trap and a filter is not only good laboratory practice, but also imperative as a personal protection measure when working with biological, chemical or radioactive liquids.

As an alternative to “do-it-yourself” systems typically found in laboratories, the VACUSAFE aspiration system offers increased safety, exceptional userfriendliness and high versatility.

Safety First: Protection for Yourself and the Lab

The VACUSAFE product range offers different levels of safety depending on the requirements of specific applications. Basic safety characteristics that apply to all models include

  • Hydrophobic filter for vacuum source protection,
  • Shatterproof bottle for prevention of spills,
  • Stand for securely holding the bottle in place,
  • Autoclavability of the system components that contact liquid.

For total containment of hazardous liquids, the best choice is one of the closed systems with additional safety features:

  • Integrated pump with vacuum control (no risk of contaminating house vacuum pipelines and reduced environmental impact by evaporation of volatile solvents).
  • Self-closing connectors for avoiding escape of drops or aerosols from disconnected bottle and tubing.
  • Level sensor detecting when the bottle is full and so preventing liquid overflow.

Versatile Tools for all Liquid Aspiration Tasks

An important component contributing to the versatility of the VACUSAFE system is the vacuum aspiration tool VACUBOY because it can be fitted with different adapters for removal of liquids from virtually every laboratory vessel. The application range is further expanded by the possibility to adjust the vacuum level depending on the needs: from gentle removal of supernatants from a centrifuge tube or 96-well plate to fast emptying of a large culture flask

The system’s versatility is increased by the option to connect two VACUBOY aspirators to the same VACUSAFE, which is particularly important for busy laboratories where often two persons work simultaneously in the same biosafety cabinet.

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