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Tech Specs

Tear-A-Way™ PCR Plate

96 well non-skirted PCR plate, vertically or horizontally perforated, standard profile, 0.2ml wells, polypropylene, cut corner H12; working volume: <200µl, total well capacity: 300µl; tears easily into strips or part plates; universal cycler and sequencer compatibility

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Key Features


Non-skirted plates: universal cycler and sequencer compatibility

Alphanumeric grid reference on all strips: no sample identification errors

Plate is perforated to enable accurate tearing into 8-well or 12-well strips: no tricky cutting of plates with scissors, risking perforated wells, damaging sealing rings, and contamination


Allows for the most flexible and efficient use of a PCR plate: no need to run half-empty plates, so reducing costs

Snaps into strips for lower throughput: cost effective


The Tear-A-Way™ 96/8 8-well version is easily divided into 24 and 48-well plates to fit a 24 or 48-well thermal cycler block

The Tear-A-Way™ 96/12 12-well version perfectly suited for gradient cyclers

White version available for superior qPCR performance

Sealable with 4titude PCR cap strips, adhesive seals and heat seals

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