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SOLO™ Robotic Pipettor

The SOLO™ Automated Pipettor and SOLOSoft™ control software offer unsurpassed ease-of-operation, precision & integration with 3rd party instruments.

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Hudson’s SOLO is a low cost, flexible and easy-to-use auto-mated pipettor. Available options include 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 nests on the deck and single, 8- or 12- channel pipettors. The SOLO can be programmed to perform the tedious task of pipetting for better repeatability than manual methods. Equipped with a broad dynamic volume range, the SOLO can be loaded and operated manually. It can be integrated with the Hud-son PlateCrane EX and SciClops robotic arms or arms from 3rd party manufacturers. The open access to the deck of the SOLO allows 3rd party instruments to be placed on top of the deck or to either side of the deck of the SOLO. An optional Micro-plate Gripper can be added to move microplates among nests or instruments. The SOLO provides researchers with walk-away freedom.

The SOLO includes SoftLinx lab automation software for build-ing simple or complex application-based workcells and for data tracking, traceability, and auditability. SoftLinx lab auto-mation software has software integrations to over 200 3rd party lab instruments. Hudson’s software team can write custom inte-grations as needed.

The SOLO™ easily fits on the lab bench and in standard fume hoods, anaerobic chambers and biosafety cabinets. It can automate large and small volume experiments, and is adapt-able to SBS footprint microplates as well as flasks, tubes, and bottles. The SOLO will save valuable time and reduce errors inherent in complex, repetitive pipetting. Optional deck acces-sories, stackers and bulk reagent dispensing give the SOLO all the features users demand in an automated pipettor. The Soft-Linx Player software with Guided Operations (GO) technology provides technicians with pictures and a task list to easily run protocols they may never have seen before.

Key Features

• 8-, 24-, 96- & 384- well microplate compatible
• Compatible with a wide variety of plates, vials and reagent reservoirs
• Dispense above the well, tip touch or set mix protocol
• Broad volume range: 1uL to 1,000uL for the multi-tip heads
• Easily fits in a standard hood, and anaerobic chambers
• Fully compatible with robot loading systems or can be used manually as a stand alone unit
• Plate stacker upgrade available anytime for unparalleled flexibility and high throughput
• Easy to use SOLOSoft control software for simple programming of pipetting steps
• Seamless integration to SoftLinx and the SoftLinx Player with GO technology

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