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PIXL: Colony Picking

Join the colony picking revolution & increase your precision & sterility with PIXL

An ultra-reliable and super-easy-to-use microbial colony picker. It automates imaging, colony recognition, colony selection, and picking; from Petri dishes to multiwell plates.

PIXL uses the freshly-cut end of a sterile PickupLine to transfer microbial colonies. It eliminates the requirement for washing cycles and the associated chance of contamination.

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Key Features

Screen and Count Colonies

Capture high-resolution colony images using PIXL’s scientific grade, colour camera.

Trust your Results

Sustain close to 100% picking accuracy with precision agar surface detection on every pick.

Maintain Sterility

Over 33,000 sterile, disposable tips in a single, low-cost PickupLine™.

More Key Features

How does PIXL Work?

PIXL is developed in collaboration with leading synthetic biology incubators, SynCTI and SynbiCITE, and industrial partners SynthACE. All of whom are unhappy with existing colony picking options. We listened. We collaborated. We welcome: PIXL.

  • Be easy to use by anybody in the lab
  • Adapt to your protocol
  • Trace and export every plate, colony and parameter

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