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Multichannel Reagent Reservoirs

Toss the insert and keep the base, saves you money and saves you space!

Reagent reservoirs are used by many laboratories for the temporary storage of reagent during pipetting applications. However many reservoirs have flimsy troughs, graduations that are hard to read or require a lot of storage space due to bulky packaging.

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INTEGRA developed an innovative reservoir solution that features reusable reservoir bases:

How it works

INTEGRA reagent reservoirs offer a convenient solution for the temporary storage of non-solvent based liquids during any pipetting application. The system consists of disposable inserts that fit into reusable bases with clearly visible volume markings. Inserts are available as crystal clear polystyrene reservoirs or polypropylene reservoirs for improved chemical compatibility.

Key Features

Clear Graduations

Patented design refracts light so graduations below fluid become invisible, making it easier to identify the exact desired volume line.

Reusable Reservoir Base

Holds disposable reservoir securely during use. One free base is included with every case of bulk or individually wrapped reservoirs.

Inserts are Libs

Base accommodates two reservoirs; one acting as a lid to allow short term storage of reagent on a benchtop while preventing evaporation or contamination from particulates.

More Key Features

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