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Tech Specs

FluidX IntelliCode™ Decoding Software

FluidX IntelliCode™ is an intuitive software designed with the input of users, for decoding 1D and 2D-coded sample storage tubes and racks

  • Easy set up and ultra-fast decoding
  • Unique and secure audit trail
  • Simple file export to LIMS or database
  • Remote use and creative report generation
  • Advanced rack ID functionality
  • Share profiles and data files
  • One click integration with FreezerPro
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Key Features

Zero Setup Required

The IntelliCode software comes pre-configured for 96, 48 and 24 format racks.

Automatic Rack Detection

With automatic rack detection, the Intellicode determines the rack format, saving your tube data.

Advanced Export Options

Export your recorded tube data into a variety of file formats. Including .TXT, .CSV, MS Word or an SQL database.

More Key Features

Time saving easy set up

  • Pre-configured for use with 24, 48, 96, 240 and 384-format SBS racks
  • Simply place your rack on the reader and IntelliCode™ will do the work
  • Simple, automatic profile creation for any readable 2D-coded tubes at the push of a button
  • Determines rack profile (24, 48, 96, 240 and 384)
  • Automatically decodes and saves your data
  • Uses a license key to activate the software

Ultra-fast decoding

  • Processes 96 tubes and export results in approximately 1 second
  • Dual Decoding Engine, so both FluidX proprietary decoding and industry-standard decoding engines work simultaneously for additional power and speed
  • With true Multi-Core optimization, IntelliCode™ is designed for use with modern PCs

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