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FluidX 2D Barcode Tubes

FluidX 2D coded tubes provide a lifelong and secure chain of custody for samples in biobanks, compound libraries and a broad range of biological and chemical stores, including cryogenic storage

  • Unique profile allows for storage in higher density than typical 96 way tubes when using specific racks
  • Codes readable without removing tubes from racks
  • Suitable for cryogenic storage
  • Made from high-quality virgin PP
  • Available in 96-well format SBS racks or bulk
  • Sealable with screw caps
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Key Features

More Key Features

Secure sample storage and tracking

  • Permanently laser etched 2D code on base, ensuring a permanent link between sample and data
  • 2D codes readable without removing tubes from racks
  • High contrast 2D codes are more reliably readable in frost or condensation conditions
  • 100% quality control, each tube is tested to ensure both readability and uniqueness
  • Leak tested to ensure sample security
  • External thread tubes provide greater working volume than internal thread tubes
  • Suitable for sealing with screw caps
  • Suitable for cryogenic storage (Not for use in liquid phase nitrogen)

Capping options

Screw Caps

  • A deforming compression seal more effective than a silicone alternative
  • A non-silicone seal means the cap can never be over-tightened
  • Caps and tubes are manufactured from the same material, preventing differential expansion during freeze-thaw cycles
  • A double-start thread engages in a maximum rotation of 180°, thereby facilitating automation

Racking options

96 format SBS racks

  • TwistLock: prevents tubes rotating within the rack to enable automated capping and de-capping of screw caps; provided as standard with the option available to remove
  • TubeLock: prevents tubes from falling out, even in lidless racks; useful in manual workflows; activate by applying pressure on the tube top, clicking it into place; tubes can be ordered pre-locked or non-locked
  • LidLock: enables racks to withstand a 1m drop test for added sample security
  • Automatic rack orientation: a unique 2D code rack identifier readable at the same time as the tube 2D code; for automatic rack orientation and secure sample tracking
  • Direct laser etching: a cutout window on the rack sides allow the linear barcode to be read more easily; linear barcodes can be laser etched directly onto racks

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