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Divided Reagent Reservoirs

Save On Precious Samples And Expensive Reagents!

Large reagent dead volume is a serious issue in laboratories, especially when pipetting precious liquids into well plates using a multichannel pipette. Traditional reservoirs have a V-shaped bottom to minimize dead volumes. However, as the liquid level lowers, the liquid pulls apart and starts to pool.  As a result one or several tips on a multichannel pipette may aspirate air. The remaining liquid in the reservoir and the pipette tips is then considered dead volume.

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INTEGRA developed these reservoirs with a SureFlo™ anti-sealing array on the bottom and a unique surface treatment. The anti-sealing pattern consists of a series of tiny channels that allow the liquid to flow evenly across the bottom of the reservoir and prevent pipette tips from sealing. Pooling of liquid is prevented by a specially formulated, hydrophilic surface treatment. Additionally, the reservoir is divided, offering 5 and 10 ml volume side by side, resulting in a reservoir with the lowest possible dead volume!

How it works

25 ml divided reservoirs are comprised of 5 and 10 ml compartments, while still nesting comfortably in the standard 25 ml reusable, sturdy base.  Each reservoir features the SureFlo™ anti-sealing array and hydrophilic surface treatment providing especially low dead volumes.  This is particularly helpful when pipetting precious samples or expensive reagents with a multichannel pipette. Inserts are available in polystyrene or polypropylene for improved chemical compatibility.

Key Features

Toss the Insert and Keep the Base

The sturdy reusable base features clearly printed volume graduations and holds disposable reservoir inserts securely during use. One free base is included with every case of bulk or individually wrapped reservoirs.

Reservoirs are Lids

Each 25 ml base can accommodate two reservoirs; one acting as a lid to allow short term storage of reagent on a benchtop while preventing evaporation or contamination from particulates.

Pour Back Spouts

To further reduce liquid waste, 25 ml divided reagent reservoirs feature pour back spouts molded into each corner.  The pour back spouts control liquid flow and allow you to neatly and easily return excess fluid to a source container.

More Key Features

Lowest Dead Volume

The SureFlo™ array located on the reservoir bottom prevents pipette tips from sealing off and stops liquid from ‘popping’ into tips, filters or even the pipette. The anti-sealing pattern consists of a series of tiny channels that allow the liquid to flow evenly across the bottom of the reservoir. An inert hydrophilic surface treatment prevents liquid from pooling.  The result is the lowest dead volume regardless of the application.

Compatible With All INTEGRA Handheld Pipettes

The divided reservoir is designed to be compatible with all VIAFLO fixed spacing and VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing multichannel pipettes. For example, the 12.5 and 125 µl 8 channel VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette compressed to 4.5 mm spacing can access the 5 ml reservoir compartment and then expand to 9 mm spacing to access a 96 well plate.

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