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CryoPod™ LN2 Filling Station

The CryoPod Carrier Filling Station enables the fast and simple replenishing of the CryoPod's LN2 supply in a safe, precise, and hands-free manner

  • Single-button, hands-free operation
  • Can connect to existing LN2 supply lines
  • Recharges the CryoPod in about 10 minutes
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The filling station recharges the CryoPod within 10 minutes and will keep the CryoPod charged for on-demand, immediate use. The user simply loads the CryoPod, shuts the door, and presses "start". The user is removed from any LN2 exposure or contact with dangerously cold surfaces.

A CryoPod can even be recharged before it warms up, as the filling station monitors LN2 levels throughout the charging process to ensure a precise fill. Completely remove yourself from the risks associated with manual LN2 handling and use the automatic filling station to effortlessly and safely charge the CryoPod carrier.

Key Features

Safe: hands free LN2 Cryopod charging

Simple: single button operation, walk away until ready

Precise: exact LN2 filling every time, even before empty

Fast: charges the carrier in 10 minutes or less

Versatile: can connect to existing LN2 supply

More Key Features

Support Plans

Protect the dependability of your reliable, quality instruments from Azenta Life Sciences, to ensure productivity and mitigate downtime with a Service Support Plan that suits you.

  • Corrective services
  • Remote diagnostic & repair
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Additional services for purchase

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