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Tech Specs

BioStore™ II -80°C Automated Storage System

BioStore™ II is the only automated sample management and biological storage system that provides flexible, modular solutions with the security and reliability which can precisely fit the biobank customer’s needs

  • Can accommodate 70,000 to over 10 million tubes
  • Fits the widest range of labware in a single store
  • Dynamic storage shelving
  • Highly customisable
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Key Features

More Key Features

The Next Generation in automated -80°C Sample Management

Based upon the expertice gained in over 10 years in -80°C automated storage, Brooks Life Science has partnered with BioTools to bring the BioStore II into the Australian Life Science market.

The BioStore II is a highly robust system for automated storage of up to 5,000,000 samples in -80°C storage environment.

With a robotic armature, samples can quickly and easily be retrieved.

Sample integrity is a top priority and the BioStore II ensures your samples experience temperature homogeneity no matter where they are located in the BioStore. This ensures that samples remain at storage temperature consistanly.

Key Features

Standard configurations include: SingleBank, TwinBank and QuadBank – expandability options to meet the needs of an unpredictable future.

Collection variability: Handle your changing repository collections: BioStore II is designed to handle a diverse set of container types and evolve with your collection. Increase capacity or change picking and input/output modules to meet future requirements or container types.

Standard module options: Standard configurations include -20°C and -80°C picking modules as well as input/output.

Sample flexibility: Sample picking modules are designed for a wide range of containers, including non-SBS formatted vials, tubes, and many cryoboxes.

Easy to service:

  • The picking and input/output modules can be serviced from outside without disturbing the stored samples or bringing moisture into the storage compartment.
  • Maximise storage density: Dynamically allocated storage space; even if your sample containers change, storage capacity will be optimised

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