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12 Well Reagent Reservoirs

Simplifies Pipetting With Small Volumes

This 12 channel reservoir is especially useful for transferring 8 or 12 different samples simultaneously into an entire row or column of a 96 well plate with a multichannel pipette, as the 9 mm reservoir well spacing matches plate spacing.

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Optimize serial dilutions with manual pipettes

It is also perfect for performing serial dilutions; a single channel pipette can be used to complete a 12 well dilution within the reservoir, or individual samples can be added to each well, and then transferred and diluted within a microplate.

How it works

These multichannel reservoirs are comprised of 12 compartments with a capacity of 3 ml per compartment, while still nesting comfortably in the standard 25 ml reusable, sturdy base.

Key Features

Toss the Insert and Keep the Base

The SureFlo™ array located on the reservoir bottom prevents pipette tips from sealing off and stops liquid from ‘popping’ into tips, filters or even the pipette. The anti-sealing pattern consists of a series of tiny channels that allow the liquid to flow evenly across the bottom of the reservoir.

Compatible With 1, 8 & 12 Channel Pipettes

This reservoir is perfect for a range of liquid handling applications, but is especially useful for 8 and 12 channel pipetting of samples into an entire row or column of a 96 well plate, as the 9 mm reservoir well spacing matches plate spacing.

Lowest Dead Volume

To further reduce liquid waste, 25 ml divided reagent reservoirs feature pour back spouts molded into each corner.  The pour back spouts control liquid flow and allow you to neatly and easily return excess fluid to a source container.

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