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    Cell Biology Offering the latest innovation in cell imaging systems and consumables.
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    Innovative Tools Delivering liquid handling excellence to Australian laboratories, we offer an extensive range of products at affordable prices.
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    About BioTools Specialising in Tools for Life Science. Our highly qualified team can provide you with personalised service. We pride ourselves in seeking to partner with our customers to provide the latest technology and best practice available.

Featured Products

  • Viaflo ASSIST

    Automate Your Personal Pipette. Unveiling the latest innovation from Integra Biosciences, the NEW Viaflo ASSIST automates your personal pipette. Simply attach your Viaflo II Multichannel Pipette and the ASSIST becomes a fully automated liquid handling system. Compatible with 8, 12 and 16 channel pipettes with volume range of 0.50 to 1250.0µl. Show Details
  • VIAFLO 96 | VIAFLO 384 Pipetting System

    Microplate Pipetting – Easy and Affordable. Further to the success of the VIAFLO 96, INTEGRA's VIAFLO introduces a new concept in 384 channel pipetting. Like a standard electronic handheld pipette, the ease of use allows the user to walk up and use VIAFLO 384 without special training. The VIAFLO 384 Show Details
  • Viaflo Voyager - Handheld Automation

    VIAFLO electronic voyager multichannel pipettes, the world's only pipette with electronically adjustable tip spacing.  The VIAFLO VOYAGER enables scientists to efficiently transfer multiple samples between labware of different size and configuration. A simple push of a button on the touch wheel interface opens or closes the tips to a spacing defined by Show Details
  • EVE™ Automatic Cell Counter

    From the manufactures of the Countess® from Life Technologies, the EVE™ Automatic cell counter uses state-of-the-art optics and image analysis to automate cell counting. The EVE™ is a bench top counter, designed to measure cell count and viability (live, dead, and total cells) accurately and precisely, using the standard trypan Show Details
  • Brooks Fully Automated Storage Solutions

    The SampleStore™ II and BioStore II provides automated storage and retrieval of precious samples from Room Temperature to -20˚C to -80˚C. Standard configurations include: SingleBank™, TwinBank™ and QuadBank™. These systems are expandable to cater for up to Millions of samples. Show Details
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